Dentists aim to make access to care easier, more affordable for Northwoods patients

WISCONSIN - Wisconsin dentists want to break down the barriers to good dental care that exist here in the Northwoods and throughout the state. Accomplishing that task will require changing both the way patients think about preventative treatment and the way dentists handle certain insurance plans.

Some dentists, such Dr. Andrew Lindner of Rhinelander Dental, think that people don't make preventative care a priority because they simply don't enjoy going to the dentist. He hopes he can help change that general perception by convincing parents to bring their kids into his office early in life.

"One of the keys is to have younger children have good dental experiences, because the children that we see that are in their teens and early twenties--that we've been seeing since they were little kids--they like coming to the dentist's office," Lindner said.

Full story: WJFW

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