Local nursery offers tips for planting trees on Arbor Day

NORTHWOODS - You may want to consider planting a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. People in Madison planted a large red oak to honor the holiday today. Though the weather is cool, it could be best to plant a sapling now.

"Planting trees and shrubs right now is not a problem at all. It's a great time to plant," said Hanson's Garden Village owner Brent Hanson. "There's a couple of caveats, those being that you need to make sure it's material that's been locally wintered over. As long as the ground is thawed out and you can get a shovel in the ground, you can plant."

Hanson cautions that you shouldn't plant trees that have large root systems near sidewalks or septic tanks. Experts say river birch and ironwood trees grow well near sidewalks and front yards.

Full story: WJFW

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