Native Tribe banning drug pushers, where will they go?

I saw a recent news report about the Lac du Flambeau tribe banning some drug dealers from their reservation, and I am questioning where these people will go?

Is it right for the tribe to ban their own people and then send them to other non-reservation areas?

I find the whole drug scene to be a major problem everywhere, but, other areas can't exactly "ban" drug dealers from their cities, so why can the tribes do it?

It is their own people and I, personally, think that they should remain on their homeland/reservation with those authorities dealing with them.

I heard recently that if a sex offender is released from prison, he must go back to the area where he offended, and maybe the whole drug dealer thing should be the same.

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I agree to the fullest. It's b.s.

Well-Canada has Very Strict Laws when it comes to drugs and Alcohol. Tribal Lands have different Laws also...what's the Big Deal? Truthfully, it would probably clear out a Majority of the People living there! Lol. If it goes thru...I may just move there! It's better than living next door to All these bath salt addicts!

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